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Depending on the day… the energy felt… the transformation needed… I’ll choose a mantra… breathe deeply… and repeat… 108 times. *Word.Sound.Power*. ♥

{What I’m holding in my hand is a Mala… this one is made of Rosewood. Malas are made up of 108 beads}

Why 108 beads? 

"Swami Muktananda explains it perfectly, clearly and precise when describing the heart as the source of the infinite and our connection with the divine and God. From the heart there are 108 MAIN nadis (veins) that go from the heart to all the extrimeties and after reciting a mantra 108 times you have purified your body. In this way a meditator can see the importance in reciting mantra.

In Ayurvedic Medicine they talk of the 108 MARMAS. Marmas are vital points in our body where muscles, bones, joints, arteries, and nerves meet creating the vital flow of life.”
~ Dr. Koenraad Elst

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